About Us

About Us

about-face© is a unique start-up in the advertising industry that is finally solving the privacy rights problem that plagues brands, consumers and regulators internationally.


About-face restores control of personal data to individual consumers by enabling them to understand, decide, and manage who uses it for marketing purposes if at all. About-face embraces participatory dialogue with the community and compensates members for the sale of their private data when they choose to sell it. We provide families with basic privacy management services for free to their Children.


Privacy protection is at the heart of about-face’s mission and operations framework. Members will be able to trust that their personal data is handled securely, fairly and transparently by focusing on a service layer that respects certain fundamental requirements.


Think of our team as your personal privacy rights firm. We are a group of entrepreneurs with deep expertise in consumer privacy and advertising technology that decided we couldn’t stand back and profit from the actions of an industry gone wild.

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